Introducing ………… Milik The Red

26th June 2013

Having such a fine collection of writers of erotica we are taking this opportunity to introduce some of these to you.

Our first author is a writer who goes under the name of Milik The Red. Milik is an established author on a well known story site and has also had books published in ebook format on some well known retails sites. We are privileged to have him showcase some of his work in our library.

Recently Milik published his first BDSM story. Our site owner was very impressed with his work and lavished praise in story comments. Here is an excerpt:


“I turned back to Drusilla and saw that she had regained her feet and had once again turned to offer herself to my whip. I knew then she had not surrendered, but I also knew that with the pain must come pleasure, lest it truly turn to torture. I came up behind her and caressed the welts, rubbing the heat from her skin. The slave girl moaned at my touch as my fingers roamed over her body. Her arousal was as honest as it was palpable, and this fact served to stoke my own.


Roughly, I lifted one of her legs and her sex opened to me. I then grasped my rampant erection and brought the turgid head to her wetness. “Is this what you want?” I snarled as I pressed into her.


“Oh gods yes!” she screamed as my thickness spread her hole and drove into her channel. She was incredibly tight but her juices flowed freely and my cock sank a third of the way into her. Her weight was supported only on one leg and it trembled violently as I drew back, so I spun her to face me and then wrapped my arm around her waist.


To me, she seemed almost weightless as I lifted her high and then let her sink onto my cock. Instinctively she wrapped her legs about my waist and drew herself onto me. Strangled groans came up from deep in her chest, and I began to fuck her taunt body hard while she dangled helplessly from her wrists.


I could see her eyes grow wide and roll back as she felt my girth open her passage more than it ever had. I bounced her up and down on my cock, and her thighs flexed in time, guiding her along the length of my shaft. Drusilla whimpered in lustful gasps each time I slid into her and soon enough had most of my penis sliding into her body.


Suddenly she convulsed almost violently, and her muscles became tense as a strangled cry escaped her lips! I felt her sex grip and pulse on my cock, and rivulets of her juice began running over my balls.”


Read more of A Slave’s Fate’

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It’s all go…………………………

24th June 2013

As you can see we have been busy at the Erotic Playgrounds .Our front page has been redesigned and we have redeveloped site entry and links to our Erotic Library   – probably the best collection of erotic stories on the internet today!

Many thanks to Vipin and his team for all their hard work and not forgetting the input from the site owner as well who is getting a bit of a dab hand in developing. There is still more work to do with the rest of the Erotic Adult Playgrounds but Rome wasn’t built in a day and as with all good websites, they take time and effort.

You will also notice that changes have been made with The Erotic Pen. We have now moved this over to WordPress. to incorporate it with the former Angie’s Daily Kiss. Sarah J, who was editor of The Erotic Pen is now concentrating on the Library and I am tasked with this side of things.

I will be making regular contributions with news and views and highlighting the latest stories on our site. Talking of which…………………. the results of our ‘First Time’ story competition have been announced and you can find these on Story Competition Results .

We shall be having another story competition soon on the theme of……………..




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2nd April 2013

Yes I am a David Bowie fan as well……………….

Oh, look out you erotica fans!

Seriously now…… may be having some difiiculty accessing our sites at the moment but don’t panic. We are not closing down and we are trying to avoid ‘Site Under Construction’ notices but there are changes taking place.

We are finally bringing all our sites under one unit so that we have one entry point to all sites.  We have some new techies on board and they are busy as I type making the neccessary changes to our backend. It’s a big job but we hope to have it fully functional by the end of this month. There will be a new front page with some nice new features and we will be making a lot of changes to give our members greater levels of interaction.

There may be some delays in posting new stories and access to forums and chat may be interrupted at times but once it is all finished there will be a much better Erotic Playground for Adults.

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A Testing Time for Cuckolds

12th February 2013

Claire’s hand was already sliding up the leg of his shorts. He tried to speak as
her fingers grasped his shaft and pulled it out into the open. Joe asked him
again as her hand began to move back and forth. He closed his eyes as he began
to picture Joe fucking her. In his mind he could see them coupling. Joe on top
of her pounding her hard and deep; Claire with her legs wrapped his waist, her
hands around his neck as she kissed him. He could hear their grunts and groans;
he could see Claire’s contorted face as she neared orgasm. He could see Joe’s
hands under her bottom pulling her tight against him. He could see Joe remaining
deep inside her as he continued to thrust at her until the very last drop of
seed was emptied inside her. He……he could not stop himself from cumming into
her hand.”

Read more of The Cuckold Test – Part III at The Erotic Library

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Chatters Dumped……………

1st February 2013

Have you heard the one about the adult website that dumped its chatters?…… LOL

Sadly it is a true story. The owners ran out of money and decided to dump its chatroom, without an explanation or even an apology, leaving fifty or so of its members bereft and heartbroken.

We at The Erotic Library have our own chat room with over 600 members. No tantrums or dramas that are common in these sort of places. Just good old fun and frollicks. You are welcome to come and visit us at The Erotic Library Chat Room

We also a lively and informative members forum as well. Once again you are welcome at The Just-Erotica Adult Forums

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Show Us Yours!

14th January 2013

Is your’s here The Erotic Library Story Competition?

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A Family Matter

12th January 2013″

” Slowly and silently she ran the sponge over his hairy chests and down over his
stomach. The back of her hand brushed against his erection on its way down to
between his thighs. It was then that Suzy released the sponge and cupped his
balls in her hand. Jack moaned softly and then groaned loudly as she took his
erection in her other hand.”

Read more of this latest story from The Erotic Library

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