100 Thoughts Turned Erotic

22nd March 2014

It has been a long hiatus. I have been busy. Half way through my first novel and I have now gathered together 100 short stories which will be published in the autumn. All these stories can of course be viewed on The Erotic Library but over the coming weeks and months they will also be featured here on WordPress as well. So in no particular order here is the first taster:

From ‘A Sweeter Kind of Torture’

‘Many times they had done this; Don being tied to the bed while Sandra dressed in just stockings and suspenders aroused him to a state of pain. Yes it was painful; masturbated slowly to the point of cumming and left to hang while she talked dirty to him and teased him. She knew how to keep him erect; keep him at the point of orgasm; keep in a state of heightened arousal.>

Gradually he would start to leak pre-cum; small amounts at first as she rubbed her finger over the slit in the top of his penis; small dribbles that oozed out as she verbally teased him; small runs of cum that gradually became a trickle. Sometimes she would kiss his cock and then kiss his lips, allowing him to taste his own juices; other times she would hold his cock in her fingers and make him beg her to finish him off.


Sometimes she would take him to the edge four or five times; each time letting him believe that this would be the finally time. Sometimes she would finish him off; take him past that point of no return; take him to the finish where his cum shot from his cock as he screamed in ecstasy. There were times though when she would stop and untie his right hand and make him finish himself off.’


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