The Cuckolded Reviewer

16th August 2013

Our Story of the Week for week ending 15th August 2013 is The Cuckolded Reviewer. Here is an excerpt:

“Trish reached up and kissed me, “I could help you experience the feeling of being cuckolded,” she said as she slowly stroked me. “I don’t actually mean go the whole way with it but take you as far as the edge, shall we say. You would know what it was like. The rest could be left for the imagination to write.”

I didn’t know what to say. I couldn’t think properly either. My cock was in her hand and she was masturbating me. How often had I read of this happening to other man as their wives cajoled them into letting them have sex with other men? Now it was happening to me.

“How…what way do you mean?”

Trish snuggled closer to me with her lips close to my ear.

“Well we could start off by me telling you that I need more sexual satisfaction in bed,” she said softly as she continued to masturbate me.”

See more of this story and the series at The Erotic Library


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