9th July 2013

Another of our fine authors deserving a mention is Harrylime. Harrylime is a prolific writer had has his work published on a number of sites. We feel very privileged to host 329 of these stories.

Harrylime has a number of gifts as an author (and his works are not just restricted to erotica) is that he always has a great story plot. Many commentators describe him as a storyteller and this can be seen in his erotic stories.

In his latest work ‘All Expenses Included’ we read

I read the brochure a second time just to make certain I understood the fine print. The proposed tour was of several popular cities on the Continent They were all popular locations that were particularly appealing to me for various reasons.

The very first thing that caught my eye was the bottom line that stated unequivocally that the advertised fee of a flat two thousand Euro dollars included all expenses. I checked the ingredients of the expense matrix and saw that it was double occupancy which seemed reasonable to me. Obviously they would be putting single males or females with bunk-mates of their own gender. The fact that it was for a duration of 14 days and 13 nights seemed more than adequate for sightseeing purposes. The mode of transportation was a private coach which also seemed convenient. Side trips were extra but seemed quite redundant to me with the sites selected in the main tour……………………

………. As soon as the last one entered the building, Patricia had my cock out and was slurping my “fine sausage” which she obviously much preferred to the greasy ones inside the restaurant. I directed her head with both hands trying to get my load off quickly before they strarted to filter back from the stop.”

When I felt the pressure build-up to the breaking point, I held her face in tight and let her have it deep inside her pretty mouth. I spurted a lot more than ordinary and went into a convulsive shudder right at the end that almost knocked her flat on the floor.”


Read more of Harrylime at The Erotic Library.”


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