2nd April 2013

Yes I am a David Bowie fan as well……………….

Oh, look out you erotica fans!

Seriously now…… may be having some difiiculty accessing our sites at the moment but don’t panic. We are not closing down and we are trying to avoid ‘Site Under Construction’ notices but there are changes taking place.

We are finally bringing all our sites under one unit so that we have one entry point to all sites.  We have some new techies on board and they are busy as I type making the neccessary changes to our backend. It’s a big job but we hope to have it fully functional by the end of this month. There will be a new front page with some nice new features and we will be making a lot of changes to give our members greater levels of interaction.

There may be some delays in posting new stories and access to forums and chat may be interrupted at times but once it is all finished there will be a much better Erotic Playground for Adults.


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