Story Competition

25th October 2012

The Erotic Library is pleased to announce its first story competition. Because it is our first we thought our theme should be ‘First Time’.  It can be a first time experience with anything erotic. Not just limited to your first time sexual experience but perhaps a first time BDSM experience for example or a first time infidelity one.  The choice is yours.

The story content must be within our general rules for story submissions and the story must be a new one and your own work, of course. When submitting your story you should mark your story ‘First Time Competition’ at the beginning of your story.

The closing date for the competition will be 31st January 2013.  The judges will consist of our own editorial team plus two other judges who are prominent authors and independent of this site. The competition results will be announced on 28th February 2013. The prizes are as follows and will be credited to a bank account of your choice.

                                                            1st Place – US$200

                                                            2nd Place – US$100

                                                            3rd Place – US$50


For further details visit The Erotic Library


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