Erotica from India

11th November 2011

These next few days we will be featuring Erotica from India. Our story team have been busy sourcing Erotica from the East and came across writings from the late Mary Jorsay Gandmar. Her executors have very kindly given us permission to publish her stories. Mary had over 80 stories published…you are in for a treat!

Here is an extract from Dirty Amber

    She lay naked on a low divan
    in the middle of  the room, crouched on all her forearms and knees
    like the sphinx, her legs folded under  her belly in an obtuse V,
    her head bowed. Silk scarves bound her wrists and ankles to the
    divan. Her dusky skin shimmered with sweat and her chest heaved.
    Her head rose slowly and  she moaned, her fingers scrunching the
    rich tapestry counterpane on which she lay. Her  eyes were hooded
    and her lips fluttered open. She tensed, whimpering softly, and
    her eyes  were wide and glassy.

    “Please … hurry … please … fuck me! Fuck me  hard!”

    And then her body jerked forward and her head snapped back  and
    her mouth tore open as if pulled by an invisible string. A long,
    thin shriek erupted  from her throat. Her face twisted and
    contorted and spasmed in agony. Tendons stood out  and strained in
    her long neck and her lips snapped back in a savage rictus.

    “More!” An exultant male voice cried over hers.

“Ohhhhhhhh uhhh yes! Ohhh god, yes, uhhhhh Ohhh  yes!” The woman
    cried, her body writhing and shaking, twisting, her chest heaving

    “Yes! Yes! Do it, bastard! Do it!”

You can read more at Just-Erotica 



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